What's Your 84-Day Challenge?

Imagine waking up all your dreams in 84 days!

What Is The 84-Day Challenge?

The 84-Day Challenge allows you to determine who you want to help, how much, and will help you reach that goal in 84 days.

It can be anything you choose, your favorite cause, paying off your student loan, getting out of debt etc. Whatever it is, we believe we can help you do it in 84 days using CoopCrowd™.

It also means being a cooperative team player and doing your part, which is to become an Active Donor, help 3 or more from your circle of influence become Active Donors and having them do the same. It’s like the movie Pay It Forward, we each reach 3!

Why 84 instead of 28 or 45 or any other number?

Because it takes time to get into the flow and create momentum, and we want to see you reach your goals. Most people won’t see inspiring results in 28 days, and we don’t want you to quit on yourself, this is too important to you!

Give yourself enough time to see your dreams become a reality and we’ve provided the perfect system, the tools and support to help you make it happen.

So, What’s Your 84?

Let’s get started and do it right the first time

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