On September 1 millions of dollars were raised, people's big ideas were be funded, worthy causes financially rescued, and many people's lives changed for the better forever.

You have two ways to immediately join us:

  1. Coop Free Donor - you can try the system free and prove to yourself CoopCrowd™ can work for you and you can receive an unlimited amount of one-time donations
  2. Coop Active Donor Just $1 a day to be put into The Cooperative and raise funds as a team. You can receive an unlimited amount of Cooperative donations as well as an unlimited amount of one-time donations

Fundraising Ideas

Cooperative Crowdfunding™

We Turn Givers Into Receivers!

CoopCrowd™ is the world's first Cooperative Crowdfunding™ System, entirely re-imagining everything about what you can use crowdfunding for. Now you can use CoopCrowd™ to easily raise money for any personal, charitable, or business reason!

If you need hundreds for bills, thousands to get out of debt or millions to wake up your big idea - CoopCrowd™ can help you!

What's Your 84-Day Challenge?

Imagine waking up all your dreams in 84 days!

What's Your 84?

It's up to you to determine your goal, how much you require, and by completing 3 simple doable steps we will help you reach that goal in 84 days.

It can be anything like paying off your student loan, getting out of debt, helping your favourite cause. If you need thousands, or hundreds of thousands we believe we can help you in 84 days. And if you need millions we can help with that too!

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